Thursday, February 12, 2009


I just have to thank my bestest and most creatively wonderful friend, Rachel, for her awesome Valentine's Day idea! She and I were chatting on the phone, as we occasionally do, and she mentioned that she was using ScrapBlog to make Valentines for her son Josh. Really? I asked. What a fabulous idea!

I'm totally copying you!

And because she's my bestest most awesome friend, she answered: Okay!

Here's what I came up with. And if you check out her blog, you can tell we were on the phone creating at the same time. It's funny how we used similar elements, yet came up with totally different Valentines. And our kids are thrilled with them, which is probably the most important part.

Happy almost Valentine's Day!


KCaldwellmom said...

These turned out fab-o...:)

allsmilesgirl said...

WOW! What a cute idea! You guys have the craziest selection of websites...I LOVE IT!

Oh, and Happy almost Valentines Day to you too!

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