Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling Domestically Inclined

I don't know if it's this bout of warmer weather or what, but lately I've been in the mood to get healthy and clean house. Today my windows are open. I'm drinking water. Doing laundry. Eating bananas (and I really don't care for bananas unless they're in a muffin, or in Runt form). Having ONE serving at meals instead of two or three. I'm planning wonderful meals.

Last night we had baked chicken breasts, cut up and put on a salad. Today for lunch, I took some of that leftover chicken, along with some cheese and onions we had from Sunday's taco extravaganza, and made a pizza. And salads with carrot sticks to go along with it. I'm so proud of myself for only having two pieces of pizza! Not sure what tonight's dinner will be yet, but it will be something with leftover chicken, since we have MUCH left over.

Another aspect of this strange health-kick and cleaning phenomenon is implementing a Chore Chart system for the kids. They're pretty excited about this, since they have the chance to earn an allowance for doing relatively easy work. Things that they should really be doing anyway....but the difference here is that now they WANT to do their chores, instead of me having to nag them about it over and over (and over and over and over) again.

So, without explanation, with no rhyme or reason, "Spring Cleaning" is setting in.

I hope it decides to stay for awhile. Even when the cold comes back, which should be by the end of the week. Maybe my house will be entirely clean and organized by then?

Now, I need to get the dishes done, and as a reward for MYSELF I'm going to enjoy some scrappy time. But before I go, I just had to share this picture of Jack from last night. He fell asleep looking at his baby album. Isn't that sweet?

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday. Enjoy the weather if you can!


mindakims said...

aw! how sweet is that, he looks so sleeping happy, you know? like he went down thinking happy love thoughts.

Genevieve said...

Such a sweet photo of him and his album. I hope it had page protectors so he wouldn't drool on it! Eek!

Debbie said...

"Health-kick and cleaning phenomenon," hmmmmmmmm, are you sure you're not pregnant? Uh, ya, especially if you've been keeping up with #2 of THE PLAN, lol!

rachel whetzel said...

NICE... now I feel like a domestic failure. Thanks. hee hee

Susan said...

What a sweet sweet picture. Go you domestic Diva you!!

allsmilesgirl said...

GO GIRL! Love the chore charts for the kids- hope it sticks! The pizza made me hungry! YUM!

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