Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday's Over? Already?

Whoa, I just can't believe the weekend's almost here...again! I realize that Monday was Labor Day, but it amazes me how much ONE day can throw off my week. Of course, that could be because I was accidentally off my meds for almost a week. Ooops! I'm such a procrastinating prescription refiller.

Some things I actually remember from this weekend......

Shopping at a fabulous junk sale on the side of the road in Jimtown! Sorry, no pics of that. :(

Babysitting Elijah!

Visiting with my dad at Grandma Jo's house!

A nice Labor Day get-together at Nikki & Mark's....Mark was home for a few days before heading overseas.

Jacob decided his new favorite game was throwing himself from this little motorcycle.

Emily and our future niece/nephew! (PS~Emily knows that a nephew is absolutely unacceptable.)

AJ was wearing SOCKS with flip-flops!! WTH??

Here he is taking the socks to the car....AJ, I was just kidding! I'm sure socks with flip-flops are totally cool and hip! Really, come back!!

The new baby suitcase, by Craftsman. In stores near you by Thanksgiving 2008.

My new favorite picture of Rick and myself...

Followed closely by this one:

A moment of silence for this spider, killed by a drive-by flip-flop.

All right, I'm off to bed! I started an actual exercise routine yesterday, and I'd like to stick with it! Happy Thursday! :)


rachel whetzel said...

AWESOME!!! (my spider's bigger than yours...) said...

You keep me cracking up. I love that about you :) Very nice pics of your husband and you. Gorgeous couple.

walkingcloser said...

you are so good at taking pictures. will you please please please please please take pictures of a.j. elijah and i before a.j. leaves in november! sometime in october with the fall leaves?!! that would be amazing!! i think that picture of elijah in the light is one of my all time favorite pictures of him. i can't wait to show it to a.j.. he'll love it!

walkingcloser said...

oh...but i did do an excellent job of taking those pictures of you and rick. ;) ha!

Debbie said...

Great shots! Sorry for the loss of your spider :( (Rachel stole ours, LOL)

My Paper Adventures said...

Awesome pictures!! That spider looked PREHISTORICALLY HUMONGUS!!

Nikki said...

Awesome photos Christi! I love the flip flop comments! LOL! Oh and I may have a spider that competes with both yours and Rachel''s huge!!!!!!

Staci Compher said...

love the pic of you and the hubby.....did not like the pic of the gigantic spider!!! yikes!

Cami said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! except for that icky spider! ewww!

Anonymous said...

I think that spider has hair! Yuck

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