Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm not sure how this happened, but my sleep schedule is all screwed up. I was awake watching a horror movie with Rick until about 4 this morning. Then the kids missed the bus....Alex woke me up at quarter 'til 8 so I could give them a ride. Then I've just been laying around all day, just totally unmotivated to do anything! Crap.


http://pamwardenart.blogspot.com said...

Keep your sleepy eyes propped open with toothpicks and watch your mail. Your order was sent today-with a few goodies, one being an ATC just for you dear Christi :)I loved the one you sent to me and the handmade card. How sweet!!!
I was up till 3a.m. again the other day, so I worked on my Sunday School stuff. I teach the most fantastic group of 10-14 year olds. Just love them.
Hugs and keep watch,

TheresaK said...

I wanna know what horror movie.....I LOVE them!!!!

walkingcloser said...

that is so cute that you were up late with rick like that. that's probably the only time you can be with just him, huh? it's worth being tired the rest of the day! :)

Tami said...

no sand in the ant farm,just gel that the ants eat. it's very cool

TheresaK said...

have never watched that movie yet, but I will put it on my list. My favorite scary movie lately {i really don't get a chance to watch anymore, well, just due to being tired and fall asleep during movies anyways} was Rob Zombies Halloween movie. It really was awesome in the movie theater. Haven't had a movie make me jump in a very long time. well, that was last year....LOL and that was the last one I really watched ....haha.

I still..... yep.... I do love Freddy. I have the whole movie collection. In fact I think it is due time for someone to remake him again :D.

karin said...

I totally love the little brag book you made, it is fabulous!
take care
karin from sunny South Africa

Sarah said...

hey... everyone needs a lazy day now and then.... especially if its because you were snuggling up next to hubby with a scary movie

Robin (Tqmnurse) said...

sorry to hear you are so sleepy...but just 12 more days until the SC tally rally!!! check out my blog....you have been given an award

mindakims said...

Happy belated birthday chickee-poo, so sorry I missed the date. I hate how crazy my life has been lately, pulling me away from tally far too often!

Your "new" hair looks marvelous!

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