Monday, September 22, 2008


Okay, so I'm a day late with the drawing. Sorry about that! I wanted to get a picture of the prize first, which meant I had to MAKE the prize, plus I was busy celebrating my birthday yesterday, and what with my procrastination and all, it's really a wonder I get anything done! that enough excuses? Because I can come up with more at a moment's notice........if you ever need an excuse for something, just give me a call. ;)

Yes, I had a wonderful birthday, thanks for asking! I asked Rick to take me out to B-Dub's (uh, Buffalo Wild Wings, for the uninitiated) for some beers and football, which prompted him to ask, "Is it YOUR birthday, or MINE??" Hey, sometimes I'm just in a sports bar kind of a mood. Sue me. So, after getting slightly tipsy and realizing that with SO many football games going on at once I really had no idea what was happening in ANY of them, I asked Rick if he would take us out for some pictures. There are some really cool looking buildings out by the high school, and I wanted to use them as a backdrop for some photos of him and me. Here's what I got before my battery died, like 2 minutes after I got set up.

We'll go back again, and this time our batteries AND our back-up batteries will be CHARGED!! And we'll take some low stools with us, so we can sit without putting our butts directly into the weeds and broken glass. We may even take the kids with us and get the elusive family shot!

Oh, I almost forgot about the prize! My RAK for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Well, I've put it off long enough.....

It's a mini album kit with papers from October Afternoon's NEW Hometown line! (Did I tell you a did a post on the TallyBlog about how to make a mini album? You can read it HERE.) I've pre-cut and punched the grungeboard cover and the pages. All that's left is to put it together! Here are pics of a mini I made over the weekend for my mom:

You can see the whole thing HERE. I left blank spots for her to write her own thoughts and memories of her grandkids. I think she really loved it. :)

Stay tuned to find out the winner of the mini album kit!

ETA: The winner, by random selection, is STARLA!!! Congrats, my dear, your mini album kit will be winging its way westward this week! :)


vannasmom said...

nice pictures!! glad you had a good birthday!!!
congrats to starla!!

Christine said...

happy belated birthday! see you in a few more days!

Debbie said...

WOW. You really do know how to procrastinate AND tease... Gave me lots of time to get my hopes up about winning the drawing, LOL. Oh well. Maybe next time... THANKS for the bday post cards. Very cute! They arrived while Rachel and I were out taking pictures of the love tomato :D We had a blast. I'm sure she'll give you all the details...

she doesnt get into the music, the music gets into her... said...

shut the front door!! yay im so excited! thank you! thank you! im so glad you had a good bday too! i loves you long time!!

Nikki said...

those pics are awesome Christi! Wow! I wish I had places around here to take some like that! Congrats to Starla!

Cami said...

That's a great pic of your hubby tho...too bad about the dead batteries! I do stuff like that all the've probably heard me complain a time or two on my blog even! HA! like every time right? lol
Love the scrappy stuffs too...great job!

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