Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is is the Weekend Yet??

For some reason, this week has kicked my BUTT!! I've been tired and out-of-sorts, and now I'm in pain. Yes, I managed to hurt myself...promise you won't laugh....doing PUSH-UPS. That's right.....the girl kind. (TMI alert: I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure I bust open my C-section scar and my guts are falling out.) No biggie. It only hurts when I cough. Or sneeze. Or try to pick up heavy stuff. But I also slept wrong last night and my entire back and shoulder area chest even hurts when I BREATHE, for cryin' out loud!! Jeez, I'm only 30! Now where the heck did I put my warranty.....? Maybe my mom still has it. I'm going to demand an exchange, because this is ridiculous.

[Insert segway HERE.]

Today just felt like a good day to paint.Turns out, I was right! It was a wonderful day for painting! It cracks me up that Jack painted Maggie's name over and over....that guy just loves his big sister. More later, I have to try to get some sleep....hoping I'll wake up tomorrow and be healed!


scraphappy74 said...

So, healed yet?

Jan said...

You are too funny! The kids' paintings are adorable!

Christine said...

most people start with walking, or riding a bike but you just gotta go for it and do some push ups! lol. I say get a treadmill! said...

Hope you are better, if not you might want to go see someone. Sounds like deep pain.
Hugs and Prayers for your quick recovery,
Pam said...

I just came back today to see if there's an update. Please keep us posted. You are in my prayers.
Love you sweetie,

Charlee said...

Those kids are adorable!!

Oh...and check my blog,'ve been tagged!

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