Sunday, July 25, 2010

Distractions (a bullet list)...

  • Planning to take my new art projects in to a local store to be sold on consignment. They get 25% commission, but I don't have to pay anything to have a space in their shop. So excited!
  • Almost done with book number 75 for the year. Seventy-five! I think once I reach my goal of 100, I'll stop reading altogether. Then I might have time for things like exercising and house cleaning.
  • Been editing a ton of photos lately...still have a few to finish from Rachel's visit. Already looking forward to crashing at her place next summer! I love my Rachel. :)


Miranda said...

Crap. Now that the stupid vintage fabric website has taught me hot to make a decorative fabric yo-yo, I have no compliant baby girl to decorate with them. Poop.

Becky said...

what books have you been reading. I just finished all of the Sookie books...the last of the LKHamilton I am looking for a new series. Would love to find another one like LKH

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