Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow, this was the.
We packed so much sun and fun into a few short days, there's no way I can fit it all into one post. But am I gonna try? You betcha!

Let's start with Friday. Alex and Maggie spent the night at my mom and step-dad's condo on the lake, so they had a day filled with fun and adventure. I got a call from my grandma letting me know my dad was in town from Virginia, so I loaded up the little boys and went over for a visit! (Rick stayed home cuz he had to work early Saturday morning. Boo.)

Saturday morning was dedicated to housework, so the little boys and I cranked up some Adam Lambert and boogied while we cleaned! We were a little preoccupied, so imagine our surprise when we went to our backyard and saw this...

Our neighbors were having a birthday party! They had asked Rick if setting up a bounce house would be okay with us, and that our kids were more than welcome to play on it...he just forgot to mention it to me! It was like going to the fair...without leaving our yard. The kids loved it!

Saturday night was karaoke at Bowly's (of course), and our kids got to see their cousins for the first time in forever! Alexis, Brock and Ethan spent the night even! I didn't get any pictures of them together Saturday, but I had another chance on Steve and Kelly's first BBQ of the season!

Everybody had such a great time! There was swimming...

The Twinkies were there, and they did some swimming...

And also...swimming! Jack and Jacob were in the pool from the time we arrived until it got too dark to see outside, with only a break to eat and several rest stops for potty time. I'm serious, they were in that pool ALL. DAY. LONG.

There were also a couple of random-partner-draw cornhole tourneys (Rick and I were on a team for the second tourney and got 2nd place!)...

And we ended the night with a bonfire! It was awesome.

I know Alexis and Maggie don't look too excited in this picture, but they were worn out from the pool and the, they may have been a little hypnotized by the flames.

And Monday, it was back to Grandma Jo's for a Memorial Day lunch! This time, Rick and the older kids came with us. It was a good visit, and I'm kicking myself for not getting more pictures!

Okay, I don't think I forgot anything...we were just going, going, going all weekend! And it's weird to me that today is Wednesday really feels like Monday for some reason. Maybe my internal clock dedicated to keeping track of the days of the week got too much sun.

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walkingcloser said...

wow! fun-filled weekend! i love it! looks like you guys had such a great time! i just remembered how dark jack and jake were last summer! your kids are gonna be so tan this summer, too, with all that time outside! i bet it's nice not having to worry about them burning! i don't have to worry about lij, either! pretty cool!

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