Friday, June 4, 2010

Aah, Springtime...

...the perfect blue sky filled with puffy clouds, the happily chirping birds, everything green and new, the warm sun oh so fine on our upturned faces.

It was all of these things together that put me in such a good mood, one fine day not too long ago, that I dared to attempt the impossible...

...I took Jacob the Naughty to the park. Just him and me. Alone. Only the two of us.

What was I thinking??

Before you get too frightened, thinking this will be a tale of massive injury and destruction, allow me to ease your mind. Jacob was actually pretty well-behaved. He even took turns on the slides with some other children...he waited his turn! I couldn't believe it. My heart swelled with pride. And then, eventually the dreaded hour was time to leave.

But I won't bore you with the ugly details of that inevitable exchange and the minor altercation that followed...let's remember the happy part of the day, shall we? Here are some happy pictures of our happy, happy day! (before it all went in the toilet, but we're ignoring that part.)

Aaaah, yeah. Good times. You know, Jacob's pretty lucky I have the ability to repress traumatic events, or he would've been dropped off and abandoned at a hospital or fire station by now. *sigh*

Oh, right...happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

1 comment:

rachel whetzel said...

Ahhhh JTN I love you. One day, we will wonder why we ever called you that... :)

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