Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Notice Anything Missing...

...from this sad, lonely parking spot in front of our apartment?

If you guessed a vehicle (or more specifically, my VAN) then you are correct! Sadly, my van decided that since we weren't planning to spend any of our tax return money on a nice gift for it, well then it would just drop it's transmission out on the highway so we'd have to get it a new one. Nice, huh? But the joke's on the van...we aren't getting it a new one, we're just having the old one rebuilt! Heh heh. That vehicle just doesn't understand the human smartness it's dealing with here.

So anyways, I'm kinda stuck at the house until we can manage to pick it up later this week. Not that I had plans to go anywhere, luckily.

How about a 2010 Goals recap:
1) BLOG at least ONCE a WEEK.
Um...still doing better than last year. I consider this a win.
2) Be in a size 8 (or a 6...hey, it could happen!) by the end of the year.
My weight seems to be staying the same, which is frustrating, but I'm still exercising 5 days a week. And I now need smaller underpants, so something must be working!
3) Edit and organize my pics from this year and last, and get them on Flickr.
Yesterday I edited our Christmas photos (better late than never, right?), plus a ton of other pics, and finally uploaded them. Whew!
4) Read 100 books.
I'm halfway through book #15...not exactly on target, but I should at least hit 50 by the end of the year!
5) Get back into my art again!
I've scrapped several pages this year using the January kit from Jen's House of Scrap...I even did this month's prompt for GutterGirlz! And here's my proof:

I've also managed to make 2 etsy sales so far this year, and my robot pinback buttons are being reviewed soon on THIS BLOG...pretty excited about that. :) Hope your Wednesday is happy!


Shannon said...

I LOVE your new layouts. Congrats on the weightloss. Keep it up baby, you'll be in an 8 before you know it!

Leah Crowe said...

uff... sneaky van.. but you guys showed him! hmppph! ;)
LOVE the new layouts!!

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