Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Just Couldn't Stay Away Any Longer...

I know, I know. I'm weak, what can I say? I was trying to ignore the fact that I even HAVE a blog

....but in a moment of weakness, I've decided to return.

After all, who am I to deprive my public?

I'm sure you've all been wandering listlessly through your days, awaiting an update of any kind...just something, anything, from your humble Coffee to get you through your day. And, like the celebrity I am, I've selflessly returned from my sabbatical to grant your seemingly improbable wish.

So what have I been up to, you wonder?

For your convenience, a bullet list:
  • Threw a rockin' cool birthday/slumber party for Maggie, complete with personal pizzas, karaoke, and a movie. Have had to suffer through Supermom status ever since.

  • Got to see my dad when he came up for a visit around Columbus Day, and took the kids to the Pumpkin Farm in Ligonier. Freezing cold, blustery day. Typical. Considered concealing myself in the bed of his truck just before he made the trek back to Virginia, then disregarded plan due to having to go 13 hours without being able to pee.

  • Got a job (although, I think if you really plan to enjoy it, you can't really call it a J.O.B.) babysitting the Twinkies, starting Monday.

  • I'm not even sure what this picture is about. Nothing to do with Halloween, however. But fun just the same.

  • There have been multiple doctor visits due to my constant/chronic allergies; so far no miracle cure. I'm currently on an over-the-counter allergy med with decongestant, a nasal spray, an inhaler, and a nighttime allergy medication, in addition to the thyroid pill and dose of Tylenol I take every morning. Might as well add an anti-depressant to the list, seeing as how winter is already breathing down our necks.
  • Family pic scheduled for tomorrow evening. Will post results as soon as they're available...will be our first professional family pic since before Jack was born. Timely.
  • Listed some new items in my etsy store, and put my folk art dolls on SALE!! Offering a limited-time-post-Halloween sale, hoping to get some Christmas money, since I'm told the children will be expecting presents this year. Typical.
So, lest this blog post be all about ME, what's new with YOU? I've missed blogging, SO much, and will be making the rounds to visit you all throughout the week. Yay! Have a wonderful evening!


rachel whetzel said...

It's about DAMNED TIME you thought about your PUBLIC. I mean sheeeeeze. How much longer did you expect me to sit here refreshing the screen every 5 min!?!? Geeze.

Debbie said...

I am always happy to see what you are up to! I haven't been keeping up with all my blogs though, let alone posting on my own, so you are very lucky to get this comment from me, haha!

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