Thursday, April 9, 2009

In a Nutshell...

The kids had a theatrical performance on the 31st....Maggie and the second grade did a program called "Under the Sea" that was super cute, complete with sailor hats and kazoos! Then Alex and the fourth graders put on a musical play called "Heroes All," and Alex had a small part as Albert Einstein! (Sorry about the poor quality of the pics, but all I had with me was a point-and-shoot camera and we were about 7 rows from the very back of the auditorium. On a related note, the zoom on my Flip video leaves much to be desired.)

My CT scan last Friday went very well, thanks for asking! (I told you I'd have the technician take my picture....she even gave me a print-out of the scan, since I told her I was a scrapbooker, she thought it would be something I could use in my album!) Turns out I have a nasal spur, and I get to find out whatever the heck that means on the 21st.

On Tuesday, I took Alex, Maggie and Jack to see "Monsters vs. Aliens" was totally hilarious! We saw the 2-D version, because I wasn't driving 30 minutes away and paying extra for the 3-D glasses when we could see the thing in our own town, just down the road. I used the money we saved to splurge on popcorn and soda.

Yesterday, we had an actual sunny snow, no rain, and the temps were in the high 50s. We just had to go to the park! It was a good day. The little boys slept like rocks as soon as we got home.

And my new Wednesday night tradition....$2 margaritas at Hacienda with the girls! Last night they had orange flavor....oh my YUM! Harvey went along to make sure I didn't overdo it.

I've been working on a new doll, too! She should be done soon, then I'll post pics...I really love how she's turning out! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)


Katamommy said...

Great pics all! That margarita looks SO GOOD! lol Good luck finding of what the heck a nasal spur (?!) is!

Ashley said...

Ooh the orange is good too.

Nasal spur? Never heard of it.

gab423 said...

Nasal spur...hmmmm? However, I do know that the Margarita looks very yummy! Can't wait to see new doll! :)

Leah Crowe said...

My mom had one of those spurs... I think the doctor.. wait... do you REALLY wanna hear this?? nahh.. don't think you do.
Ahem.. the drinks look marvy... the kids look happy.. and yeah.. the zoom sucks. lol

rachel whetzel said...

Um. I don't know if you know this... but spurs go on your SHOES.

Becky said...

love all these awesome pictures. Glad the scan went well and hopefully they can give you an easy fix for it. And I can't WAIT to see your new doll. You and TallyHo are killing me with these awesome dolls

Inkster said...

sorry bout the nasal spur!
your kids are so cute
p.s. lucky is our wedding song :D

Laurajean said...

Oooh Sweets, I'm glad that the scan went well and you even got pics...only a scrapper. Sorry to hear about the Nasal Spur....thinking of you girl!!{{hugs}}

Anonymous said...

with "The girls" I'm jealous! Looks like fun!

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