Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Disintegration Project

Happy Earth Day! Found this e-card and had to share. It appealed to my warped sense of humor and gave me a chuckle.

Last weekend, Rachel told me about a blog she had discovered that was forming a group of people together to create art, then leave it outside for 6 weeks or so, just to see how the elements would change the artwork. You could bury your art, submerge it, hang it in a tree, whatever you liked, as long as it was exposed to nature. Did I want to participate? Hells, YES! I mean, what a cool idea!
SOoo, here's what I came up with, basically a piece of cardboard with metal and paper elements stapled to it. Jack helped by coloring some dictionary pages with water soluble pastels, which I then used as the background for the project. Some of those pages are torn and stapled down the side. I just kept adding layers of STUFF until it looked done. Neat, huh? Already the paper umbrella has faded and the pastels have blended....can't wait to see what it looks like around June or so!

(HERE is where you can find out more about the project, and see what others have done.)

Today while the little boys and I were out running errands, Jacob decided he would slay us with a few knock-knock jokes.
Jacob: Knock-knock!! (he shouts EVERYTHING)
Jack & me: Who's there?
Jacob: (thinking) CAR!!
Jack & me: Car who?
Jacob: I DON'T KNOW!!!
me: (pause) You are SO cute!

I'd share the other jokes with you, but since they all had the same punchline, I'm afraid it would seem really repetitive.

Tonight is $2 margaritas with Shyla! Whoo-HOO!! Have a happy go out and recycle something, walk somewhere close instead of driving, or turn out the lights and electronic equipment for a full five minutes! Let's do something to make our Earth happy today! :)


Katamommy said...

This is such a great post and I have to admit that what stuck out to me was "$2 margaritas". lol Oh well...Happy Wednesday!

rachel whetzel said...

MAN, you sound like a totally Douche Bag... WALK... REUSE... RECYCLE... conSERVE... sheesh. hehehe!! I love you!! Thanks for playin' with me on the Disintegration project!!

Ashley said...

I'm assuming the A stands for Ashley :)

Debbie said...

It's so funny when kids first discover jokes. Somehow they don't quite get it!

Love your art for the disintegration project. I wouldn't have the guts to trust mother nature with one of my creations!

Seth said...

Fantastic bundle Christi! So glad you decided to join in. I added your link to the list of participants on my sidebar. Please email me if you have a chance for some more info about the project! Thanks

Patti H said...

Love the knock knock jokes. I get them all the time from my five year old grandson. Kids do crack me up!!

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