Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Feel Like Eating an Entire Bag of Chocolate Chips

I'm sure this is partly because my thyroid medicine has run out, and I won't get a new prescription until I go in and have more bloodwork done.

It may also be because a childhood friend unexpectedly killed himself on Tuesday....I attended his funeral on Friday. The sanctuary was packed....standing room only. Terribly sad loss...makes you realize that you should renew ties with old friends NOW since you might not get another chance.

I may be feeling this way because the change of seasons hasn't officially kicked in in Indiana it's snowing right now. After one or two days of 65/70 degree weather, the snow again is so disparaging.

Whatever the reason, I'm feeling really UNcreative right now. I'm ready to stop feeling this way. I'm ready for SPRING!!

I'll schedule a doctor appointment on Monday, since that's the one thing I have some control over.

Stupid broken thyroid.


Dawnt said...

Hang in there girl! spring is around the corner... and we are here for yoU!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Christi, sorry to hear you lost your childhood friend. :(

Ashley said...

You know I'll be kicking your ask if you don't get into the doctor & get your meds re-filled!

I've kinda felt like that today too... except that I'm a wee bit hungover & therefore nauseated. Blah.

Adrienne said...

My word, i know how you feel!
Sorry for your loss, i have been through this situation.
Stupid not spring weather...

Becky said...

sending you an email girl

Susan said...

I am praying for you Christi...I am so sorry for your loss. Please get your meds refilled. I often turn to food (and what is better than cookies) when I am angry, loney, tired or sad. I am learnign to turn to God, then to frineds instead... I love you Christi...wish I could just give you a hug!

Bree/Reilly said...

That is a tragic loss my prayers are with you and his family. As for the medicine - definitely get it refilled. Thyroid medicine is not something you should stop taking abruptly like that. I think you are right about the season s...I haven't made a page in over weeks - apart from a digital one .....just no mojo and nothing to actually scrap about. At least the grass is starting to turn green so there is hope spring is just around the corner.


Nikki said...

Oh Christi, hon, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. That's so hard! And you're right we need to reconnect with those old friends because you just never know! And dang, girl, get to the doc and get that prescription refilled will ya? Hugs!

Wanda said...

Coffee - so sorry 'bout your friend. {hugs}
Get your meds refilled. It's a pain in the butt, but must be done. And I know what I'm talking about (since I take 6 pills every morning LOL )!

Can't wait to see you in Texas!

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