Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th, Take Two!

First things first....

Michelle, Becky and Adrienne, I need you to email me (latte_grande921 [at] hotmail [dot] com) your snail mail addys so I can get your RAKs in the mail! You technically have a year before you need to Pay-it-Forward on your own blog, then I come after you with a rubber hose! lol

Today is another wonderful Friday the 13th! Have I mentioned how much I love those? Rick and I are going to attempt to see the movie tonight, but so far I've been unable to contact the theater to see about advance tickets. They don't offer them online. Wth, people, get with the 21st century! So anyway, wish me luck with that.

I also get to pick up Harvey today! I'll be sure to share a picture of him all fired and handsome....I may crackle and antique him first, though. I'm so far undecided on that. I don't know if you knew this about me, but I don't really care for shiny and new.....I much prefer rusty and old! lol And speaking of gnomes, Geoffrey the TallyGnome is flying to his next home today! Wonder where he'll end up....?

Another thing to look forward to new sewing machine!! My old one finally bit the dust, and I dropped it off at the thrift store yesterday. I ordered a new machine at on Wednesday, and just got an email that it had shipped already! I didn't expect to get it until the end of the month, so I'm just super excited. I've been wanting to work on another doll, so I can hardly wait!! This machine is designed for quilting, and has an attachable table for large projects. Isn't she purty?

Let's see....what else happened this week?

Maggie brought home her new classroom laptop on Tuesday....the state of Indiana just received a grant for these computers especially designed for little hands. Out of the whole state, only 20 schools were selected to have their 2nd-graders use these machines, and our school was one of them! Cool, huh? She only gets to bring it home once in awhile, and there are very strict rules regarding its use while it's here. Our kids were so fascinated by it that I was actually able to get a picture of all four of them facing me at the same time!! I consider this a belated Christmas miracle.

Baby Elijah has been with us for a couple days while his momma takes her classes (his regular babysitter had some doctor appointments), and last night he spent the night with us! He's such a good baby.....Jack and Jacob like playing with him, as you can see!

In scrappy news, there's a new challenge up today at Lotus Paperie!! This one is to use 6 or more pictures on a page, which is right up my alley. LOVE multi-photo pages! Here's what I came up with....using pics of Jacob's 1st haircut from last summer!

And I finally got my new kit put together and listed in my etsy shoppe...say hello to Earth and Moss! Woodgrain contact paper, vintage fabric, clay buttons.....I'm really happy with this one, lots of great projects just waiting to happen!

Okay, peeps, this has been a much bigger update than I had planned...we just have a lot going on, I guess! Happy Friday the 13th....enjoy your weekend!!


rachel whetzel said...

Oooooh!! So full of GOOD stuff, this post!!

Genevieve said...

Your gnome came out awesome!

KCaldwellmom said...

I love your blog, p.s. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome gnome!! Glad you have the same love of wood grain contact paper as I do!! BTW I sent yours out yesterday so you should get it soon. Who knew wood grain would be so EXCITING!! lol

Nikki said...

Geoffery the tally gnome????? Sounds like fun to me????? And love your Harvey! (that sounds kinda bad doesn't it....LOL!)

Cami said...

cool gnome and layout and kit and wee little computer! :)
Oh, I just can't believe how big the babies Jacob and Elijah have gotton! they both have changed alot in their little boy looks :)

Cami said...

oh, and hope you got to go to your movie, sounds like you were really looking forward to it. we never preorder our tickets just buy them there. is that because theysell out fast?

Michelle said...

d'oh! I just saw this post, so sorry for not responding. I did get my RAK though, thanks so much!!! Casey loved (and stole) the clay buttons already and she's probably going to steal the owl too.

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