Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Cleaning Powers of Coffee

Just a few moments ago, Jack came into the office where I was assembling a box for shipping. Now normally, him being in the office isn't a big deal. It's a bigger deal when baby Jacob is in here, but normally I can keep them from destroying things just by being in here with them.

Not so this time.

My morning coffee was sitting on my desk as it usually is. The difference this time was that I was not parked at the desk, too. No, I was preparing to DO something with my day, like go to the bank, get a few groceries, drop some things at Goodwill, run to the post office. (I've been following the teachings of the FlyLady lately and feel a lot more organized in general.) The kitchen is clean, laundry is being done, I'm ready to get a few errands run before lunch.

Now, back to the unattended coffee on my desk.

Who knew one swift movement with a swivel office chair could do so much damage?

Jack saw that I wasn't at the computer. This is his cue to jump in the chair and start playing on the computer himself. A habit that we need to break by changing the password (since he knows the current one). When he swung the chair around, the half-finished quilt hanging on the back knocked my almost-full cup of coffee flying. Coffee all over my computer tower. My printer. IN my printer. On the power strip that all of my technology is plugged into. I'm amazed that nothing exploded. Not even the coffee mug.

And now that it's all cleaned up, my computer looks shiny and new.

Of course, whether or not my printer still works remains to be seen. So maybe coffee isn't the best thing to clean your electronics with after all.


Katamommy said...

Oh no! It's amazing how spilled anything can fly around and get into everything. I hope your printer is okay!

Staci Compher said... in the computer..that doesn't sound good!! about as much falling off a treadmill ...ha,ha!! hope everything is still working...and thanks for the mammogram...reminder!! ouch!!

Heather Plank said...

Latte - I'm surprised actually this hasn't happened to you before - the coffee on the computer - given you're an addict and all.
I love the tickers at the top...I didn't know you were trying to loose weight! I think it's awesome and I know you can do it girl!!!

Cami said...

coffee cleaner huh? don't know if I'll be trying that one! lol
Hope your stuff still works though!

Cami said...

there no comment link for the video post?
So here I am again! lol
Ok, first off...that Maggie, what a total DOLL!!! She has gotta be like the bestest big sister ever & I can tell already she is going to be an awesome Momma...just like her Momma :)
She is so very articulate the camera just loves her! Jack did awesome too what a funny boy! Is it time to stir, yep it's time to stir and I'm not eating it just smelling it! and his tiny little cookie ball :) I was crackin up! Such great kiddos ya got there!

and your raks are too cute, very lucky recipients indeed!
Hope you and your fam are having a totally great weekend!
*smiles to you*

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