Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today is a Good Day for a Fort

Complete with blankets, pillows, toy cars and twinkle lights. Just the ticket for two adventurous (read, "trouble-making") boys with no TV. Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you about our technology conspiracy? Apparently, all of our remote controls decided to either go on strike or take an unplanned vacation...we haven't heard from any union leaders yet, so we can't be sure which. Since we can't operate the TV without the remote (yeah, what sort of brilliant mind designed THAT cable box??), and you can't play a DVD without the ability to press "Play" on the remote (our XBox is subbing for our DVD player, which is broken, and has no buttons...I've already tried using a game controller)......*sigh* We DID find out today that we can play VHS tapes! YAY for old technology!!

Now I'm off to make lunch, but I just had to share these pics of Jacob modeling his big brother Alex's outgrown glasses. Isn't he CUTE?? Don'tcha just wanna scoop him up and squish him in a giant bear hug and smother him in kisses??

I LOVE this boy.

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!!


rachel whetzel said...

um yes. kisses around. On the house.

createdmonster said...

He is adorable!! That fort looks fun! Makes me want to build one for myself to hide-out in! :0)

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