Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Best. Valentine's. EVAH.

My Bloody Valentine 3D Pictures, Images and Photos
Okay, so last Friday we didn't get to see "Friday the 13th" after all. Turns out, the 9:40pm showing had sold out at 7pm...almost three hours before we even got there. So, what were two horror movie fanatics to do? Easy.....we saw "My Bloody Valentine" instead. And WOW!! We had never seen a 3-D movie in the theater before. But we're all familiar with those cardboard glasses with one red lens and one blue lens, right? Weeeelll....these glasses were NOTHING like that. They looked like regular (if slightly enlarged) sunglasses. (I'll post a pic soon, we both kept our amazing shades.) And how did the movie look? The entire thing, from opening to closing credits, was like looking through a window at the action taking place outside. It was SO real! Every thrown pickaxe, every blood splatter and severed body part looked like it was going to frikkin' HIT you in the face. Real. SO awesome.

And you know what?

There's a Friday the 13th next month, too.

We'll be pre-ordering our tickets. :)

1 comment:

Jan said...

Christi! You are a brave girl! I can't watch movies like that...big chicken here! haha!

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