Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gutter Girlz and Random Miscellany

The new Gutter Girlz prompt is UP!! If you haven't stopped by to wallow in the gutter yet....well, WHY NOT?? We'd love to see you there, and there are great prizes to be had. But you have to PLAY to WIN. If you're on the fence about it, or you've been MEANING to try one of the challenges, stop putting it off and just jump in! We'll keep a spot warm for you. :)
Here's my layout for the new challenge:

And now for the miscellany...
Pumpkin pancakes. Mmmmm....SO good. Hey, now that I can make them myself, who needs IHOP?

Check out this amazingly awesome fabric I scored at the thrift store! It's going to make such a fabulous dress for my doll....I can't wait to show you!

And finally...

Jacob is going through a very, um, expressive phase. It's hard to capture ALL of his different faces, but here's one of my favs. Not sure what this one means. To me, it says, "I have to poop." Makes me smile.


Amanda said...

love the plates! I have the brown ones and grew up with the green ones!!

Shan said...

can i have your recipe? i order pumpkin pancakes at ihop every fall. love your new LO.

Debbie said...

What? No pancake recipe? Next post maybe?

I love that you have pics of you with your rat :D AND you did a LO of them!

Laurajean said...

Omg, too his expression, definitely looks like a poop face....LOL!!!! Can't wait to see what your dress looks like ;)

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