Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Got Frozen Juice Lids?

I've been saving the lids from frozen juice containers for awhile now, and just recently decided what to do with them..... and now I'm passing that on to you! I've been having a lot of fun making them.....Now here's my first blog tutorial: Juice Lid Mini Albums!

Supplies: patterned paper for the inside and outside "cover"
white cardstock for pages
2 5/16" circle punch
2 frozen juice can lids
book ring
optional: spray paint, ink

Step 1: Spray paint juice lids, if desired. I like to use Krylon Fusion since it requires no priming and seems to "stick" to almost anything.

Step 2: Using your 2 5/16" circle punch, punch 2 circles from each of your patterned papers and about 10-12 circles from your white cardstock.

Step 3: Ink the edges of your patterned paper, if desired, then adhere to both sides of each juice lid. HINT: The side with the raised edge will be the INSIDE of your album.

I wanted the butterfly to be on the outside of my album, so I adhered it to the flatter side of the lid.

Step 4: With the raised edge of the lid facing UP, use your Crop-o-Dile to punch a hole approx. 1/2" from the edge.

Step 5: Using this first hole as a guide, line up the second album cover where you want it and mark where the hole will go. Punch with the Crop-o-Dile.

Step 6: Do the same with your pages. Use the Crop-o-Dile again to punch through the entire page stack at once. You can use a binder clip to secure them together for punching, if you like.

Step 7: Put your album together using the book ring! Easy peasy! And now you'll be a juice-lid-saving addict like me. :)

I've been crafting this week to keep my mind off our very stressful financial more on that except to say that we got some good news today that takes away some of that stress! Which obviously puts me in the mood to blog, finally! Here's a card I made for The Art is Found blog. Their prompt this time is board games! Since our kids destroyed our CandyLand game, I made sure to salvage what I could and used one of the little men for this card. I just love those little candy men!

I've been on a little bit of a card-making kick are some more:

Sorry for the bad scan on the last scanner didn't like those buttons!

Okay, must go and put some kids down for a nap, I think. If I sound distracted, it's because I can barely concentrate through all the arguing, wailing, and general freaking out that's going on around me right now! ::sigh::

Hope you enjoyed my first blog tutorial and have a happy Wednesday!


ArtGirl1 said...

The juice can lid mini-book is ADORABLE. Makes me want to buy frozen juice!!!

Great cards too. A lot of great stuff on your blog.


Robin (Tqmnurse) said...

Latte!!! These are awesome...So glad I got to see them IRL!!!!Guess I need to start drinking juice from a can!

Ashley said...

I saw all those cards in the Tally Gallery. Holy cow woman! I appreciate the juice lid tutorial... not that I need it since I have my very own juice lid album. Just deciding what pics to put in it...
Glad to hear the $$ situation is looking up.

createdmonster said...

You rock my socks!! I love your creativity!! Your album is frickin' awesome!! Your cards are fantabulous!! I wuv-ed you!!

TheresaK said...

LOVE that mini are sooo creative!

scraphappy74 said...

Awesome stuff! Do you still have my bind-it-all?

walkingcloser said...

i LOVED your first blog tutorial! i really want to make one of those albums now! oh...and thanks for saying you've been making cards lately...i really want to make a BUNCH of cards to send with a.j. so he can read them randomly throughout the year in iraq...i thought about buying them, but maybe i'll make some. i just don't really know how. so if you ever want to give me a class, that would be awesome! sue berkey sent me to iraq with a bunch of cards and on the envelopes she would put "open when you're sad" or "open when you miss home" or "open on your birthday"..things like that and i really want to do that for a.j.!!

Sarah said...

Awesome job with that tutorial! Lovin those cards!!

mindakims said...

Oh my, now we are gonna have to start drinking juice! I totally love this idea...Christmas gifts I think?

Webgrl said...

man these cards are freakin amazing!!!!!!!!!

Heather Plank said...

Wow latte - I loved the tutorial! You're so creative, I would have never thunk it!

Great cards too!

rachel whetzel said...

AWESOME book!! You kept telling me about them, but they are super cuter than I even had in my head they would be. TOTALLY cute.

Shawna said...

Great idea. I would have never thought to use those old juice lids. Love it.

Jan said...

Love the juice lid albums! Now I wish I bought frozen juice! haha! Maybe I'll just have to. The cards are awesome!!!!

Leah C said...

ahhhh love that album girl!! I'll pray for you guys.. of course with everything in the economy, I think a lot of us are going to need them too. Awesome cards and tut!

Dawn T said...

Woohoo... freakin awesome!

You are a rockstar!

Kimmie0270 said...

What a fabulous idea with the juice lids. I'mna have to try that!

Nikki said...

Love the juice lid album! and your cards are beautiful! You rock girl!

Lavender Rose said...

Amazing work, love how you have used those juice lids, very inventive and effective.

Patti H said...

awesome juice lid album. love that

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