Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Smooch!!

I love that we were up together at midnight, so I could be the first to tell you "happy birthday."

I love that you decorated your birthday wish list and dinner order with illustrations and stickers.

I love your back scratches, arm tickles, smooches and snuggles.

I love that you enjoy helping me cook.

I love your imagination, how you're always pretending to be a different animal.

I love that eight years ago today, you arrived exactly on your due date like a good little girl.

I love YOU, Maggie!! Hope your day is a happy one!


rachel whetzel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little girl!! I might call later and sing to you.

walkingcloser said...

happy birthday sweet maggie!! i love you!!

scraphappy74 said...

Happy Birthday Magster! We love you!

Heather Plank said...

Happy Birthday! 8 is such a cool age! Havea great day ;0)

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday :D Stay close to your mom, she's the best friend you will ever have!

Cami said...

Happy belated to Maggie, I hope she had a wonderful most awesome bday!

scraphappy74 said...

Hey, Maggie got a compliment today. Kristin Kratzer (one of the 2nd grade teachers) said she is such a sweetie! She just put together the fact that she is Rick's kid (Kristin graduated between Rick and myself). said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday Maggie. Hope you had lots of fun.

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