Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can I Get a Take Two for Monday??

Don't know what happened, I woke up at 1pm today! Like afterNOON, people!! I had planned to follow along with Ali Edwards in THIS project, but I think I'll start tomorrow instead. Today was a scramble of confusion and befuddleness on my part....there WERE a few good things:
  • Alex started playing in a Pokemon league for the first time tonight and LOVED it.
  • Maggie and I found her Halloween outfit and all accessories at Goodwill for $5.
  • I finished a layout for a secret project. (Will be revealed on Wednesday!)
  • Everyone got a chance to bathe today. :)
  • I got happy mail from someone regarding another secret project and from Pam, my folk art hero.
  • I WILL get the dishes done before I go to bed!
Hope your Monday was happy!


scraphappy74 said...

So, are the dishes done? I made coffee this morning. I used half the amount of the other night. Much better. I think my scoop is really big!!! Have a better Tuesday, okay?

Kimmie0270 said...

You got more accomplished then I did! Be proud girlfriend!

Christine said...

Hey, it happens! Just be calm and carry on. I read that on a necklace somewhere. So. I will be meeting you next Friday. I think you should tell me how small my boobs are. =)

Cami said...

Ohhh...I kinda miss my days of staying up all nite and sleeping till noon! I'm so not a good "morning person"! lol
Have a GREAT day!

Pam Warden Art said...

You are SOOO sweet :)
I've got that GIVE AWAY going until tonight-9/30/08. People can still sign up to win an original ATC.
Hey, did I sign yours?

Debbie said...

Ali said not to sweat it, you can start any time :D I did manage to start yesterday, but spent most of the afternoon fighting a headache :(
I hope you plan on posting your pics from the project!

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