Sunday, August 3, 2008

Insert Beach-Related Title HERE

Our kids are finally old enough to go to the beach!! I can't believe it had been three years since the last time we went to Weko Dunes, and I didn't realize until yesterday how much I had missed it! It was a little nerve-wracking trying to keep Jacob from running off and drowning himself in the fifth largest lake in the world, but he was mostly content to play in the sand. And the day was pretty windy, causing waves that kept the little ones close to shore when they did decide to try swimming.

Some pics of our day:(ETA: This is my fabulously beautiful SIL Nikki. Notice her look of resigned annoyance....she has had years to hone this expression to perfection by growing up with my husband as her little brother. She's my hero.)

We lost one water shoe and two pairs of googles, but we got about ten pounds of sand in return, so I'd say that's a fair trade. After the beach, we went to Brian and Katie's to say goodbye to Brandie and Andy who are moving to Minnesota! They'll be close enough to Canada to hear them play their anthem at hockey games. It kinda sucks that they're moving so far away, but I know they'll keep in touch. (Brandie, you better keep in touch!!)

In other news, I got Rachel's Jar of Whimsy boxed up and ready to mail the other day, then had to take it out of the box to photograph it and its contents. *sigh* Here it is....I'll share pics of the contents after she receives it so I don't spoil the surprise! :) I'm also mailing her a few other things that don't fit in the jar, like a couple vintage round mirrors that I know she collects. I think she'll be pretty pleased!

And I have a few new creations to add to my etsy shop! These number tags:
....and this little owl and some of his friends will be making an appearance soon:

PLUS, I'm working on a custom tag to include in September's kit over at TallyScrapper that I'M DESIGNING!! Wow, I'm SO frikkin' excited about that! I'd like to name the kit "Vintage Brew," but of course I'll have to clear the name with Christine first. Right now I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the August kit so I can start creating layouts again! I've been so busy cleaning the house and organizing the kids' rooms lately that I haven't done much scrapping. Except for a card and two digi layouts, all I've been crafting has been stuff for my store!

Here's the digi I made for the third round of Robin's layout tag game:
The other digi can be seen over at Gutter Girlz since I made it for the July 30th prompt. You should definitely check out the new challenge if you haven't already! Hope you've all had a great weekend!


walkingcloser said...

ooh! looks like you had a great day at the beach! fun!

Nikki said...

fantastic beach photos! And love your new etsy stuff!

she doesnt get into the music, the music gets into her... said...

awesome pics & i love your tags!

scraphappy74 said...

Awesome pictures, especially of that hot blonde girl. (just kidding!)

scraphappy74 said...

How do I subscribe to blogs? I want to subscribe to your and Vikki's.

Heather Plank said...

IS that you in the photo on the beach????
I love the new etsy stuff - gotta get in there and see what's up.
I have my jar of Whimsey ready to roll too I just need to box it up - but thanks for the tip - I'll take the pic before I package it!

Great beach pics... glad you had fun. said...

Oh girl, I'm sticking you on my favorites right NOW! I could never get a hold of you on the other site. I'm SOOOOOO glad you are here now.
Love your pics and you too :)

mindakims said...

wait-you have rellies moving to northern minnesota? do tell my dear, do tell, you know we'd love to welcome them with open arms and we have fabu friends in the north!

oh and thanks for the steven king cartoony link thingy, can't wait to show my hubby!

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