Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime

I gave the two little boys haircuts! All by myself. (Well, Alex held Jacob's head still for me while I finished his up.) They look pretty good, don't you think? I don't want to cut Alex's because he'll start school in a couple weeks....I'd rather have his done by a professional to spare him the embarassment of a bad 'do on the first day of school. Not that I'd give him a bad haircut, but...better safe than sorry, right?

Busy weekend....can't remember what we did on Saturday, but we went to a birthday party Sunday at my friend Miranda's for her son Aiden. (He's the little guy in the yellow swim trunks next to Jack.) As you can see, a good time was had by all. Mainly because we left Rick at home to keep track of baby Jacob. :)

Got some great pics that I can't wait to scrap......I feel like I haven't scrapped anything in forever! I did make some new clock face tags for my etsy store.....I think they're pretty darn cool! I have a couple more tag ideas in the works, and a project for my vintage children's wood blocks. Then I'm making more clay buttons! May try to squeeze in a card or two.....maybe even a layout. Yeah, I don't sleep much. :)
I also did a digi layout for the next GutterGirlz challenge.....you'll be able to see it on the 30th! And oh, man, is it ever a great challenge! Real juicy topic....wish I could share more, but you'll have to wait! Sorry, that's just how it's gotta be.

Gotta go for now....it's time to make dinner, and I need to start another pot of coffee if I'm going to get all our laundry done before Rick gets home. Hope you're having a great week!


Leah C said...

I'm so jealous you can drink coffee whenever ya wanna... it keeps me up if I drink it past 6pm. The boys look handsome... lovin the clocks!

createdmonster said...

I love the clock faces!!! Yep, I think tomorrow I will be buying myself a present!! :0)

Jeanne said...

WooHoo my goodies arrived and they are awesome. I can't wait to get creating with them. The pics of the kids look great and will be some wonderful summer layouts. Thanks again for such a great celebration of your blog.

gab423 said...

Love the summer do's and WOW!!!...your boys look so much alike! Do people ask you if they ere twins?

Michelle said...

your boys are so handsome defintely look like twins!! i so want those animal alpha tags wish i seen those before i bought the calendar tags i would of bought both!!!ggrrrr
looks like a fun bday party!did u go down the slide?we had a bday party saturday and they had something similiar to that and i went down it was pretty fun!

Nikki said...

Awesome pics of the boys Christi! And I love the new clock faces! You are such a talented girl!!!!!

walkingcloser said...

hey christi! i have a blogger now! :) the boys are so cute!! you take such awesome pictures! will you take some cool ones of a.j., elijah, and i before a.j. leaves??!! in the fall? that would be awesome!

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